My New Normal

My New Normal: Life Without a Stomach It has been about a year now since my journey started. The journey to my new life, and my new normal. This whole journey really started with my Grandma Billie, my dad’s mom. Growing up, she was my biggest fan and she never let a second go by […]

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The ‘Perfect’ Love Story

Everyone wants to be loved. It’s something that comes naturally to us. We think about it constantly and what that would look like if we had someone that loved us as endlessly as we loved them. We think about what a wedding may look like, or the first date, or having a family. We think […]

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Let’s Talk About Foobs

Soooo… let’s talk about ‘foobs’ aka fake boobs. What many people may not know about the CDH1 gene is that besides a high risk for stomach cancer, it also puts you at a high risk for lobular breast cancer. The exact percentage of what researchers believe your chances of getting breast cancer are seems to […]

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